Womens converse

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Womens converse

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Converse has had a womens converse string of high profile collabos of late that have ambitiously flipped the traditional look of the All-Star staples. The Gorillaz and Kicks/HI team ups both went down the camo route, and the recent Medicom Jack Purcells took that sneaker to fuzzy new heights. Well it turns out Converse is capable of the upgrade without any outside help as we see here on the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Bosey', which gets rawhide laces and an authentic distressed leather for a very smart look. The rubberized toe cap is a bit beefed up as well, making them a good choice for the winter months. Get a better look at the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Bosey' after the jump and cop them now from the Converse black high top converse webstore .

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the most foundational and functional shoes there are. They can be worn in any season, dressed up or down, and ultimately fit all circumstances. Nowadays, they've transitioned into the ever-popular menswear realm, as a kids converse sartorial option to offset otherwise dapper attire into something more casual. For example, its not at all surprising to see a tailored trench coat, Oxford shirt, and wool trousers paired with chucks in fall, or any other fire alphets for the season at hand.

Simply put, chucks offer endless possibilities. And with these new November releases in fall/winter friendly tones, its without doubt a heavy influx of Chuck Taylor-inspired looks are on the horizon. With both Hi and Low iterations in Christmas-enthused red and green tones, the converse off white classic silhouette with its customary rubber toe cap in tow should be a staple look this season. Take a glimpse below and check Feature to secure your pairs.

After taking a look at the Chinatown Market Chuck 70 just earlier today, it'd be a shame to ignore the overarching pack whose two other accompaniments are equally diverse. Dressed up in his inspired artistic motifs one that brought about customs en-masse Joshua Vides slot is one filled to the brim in his evolved vision. The first, which arrives comprised of mostly monochrome palettes, is the most overt in its toony modifications, though the artist now explores much of the model itself.

Despite having a storied past with Converse under the number (n)ine imprint, Takahiro Miyashita of his somewhat newfound The Soloist label is forgoing any likeness to his past collaborations, forgoing the loose connections to his muse Kurt Cobain for one of futuristic, brutalist expression. Unlike his Jack Purcell comme des garcons converse that took on two sides of an American-dressed coin, his new line-up of Chuck 70 s just barely resembles its starting point.

As an important part of the greater Nike corporate umbrella, Converse has joined Nike and Jordan Brand's extensive 2019 BHM collection with a two-pack of new takes on one of their most popular sneakers the Chuck 70 . Both pairs call upon the BHM collection's traditional teal, yellow, and magenta textile print, but utilize it in vastly different fashions. One pair completely covers the canvas upper in Obrázek the print, while using a glossy black toe/midsole for contrast.